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We don't have any control over the contents of the web sites listed hereafter. They do not contain a reciprocal link to our site. We have discovered them during our browsing of the web.


On the cover of Messe en Apnée Majeure (Mass in Apnea Major) : Photo (© B. Ménard - CCO) representing the Church of the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud.

On the cover of L'Île Rebelle I (The Rebellious Island I) : Painting Paradis perdu (Lost paradise), by Cupidon Jean Dieubeni, Galerie Dantor.

Some web sites referencing us — Librairie Toussaint Louverture. — The authors portal (French). — Web site for writers and readers (French). — Web site presenting artists and some other useful links (French). — High-end French literature and literary criticism (French). — Directory of good literary web sites (French). — Information web site about the West Indies, Guyana, and the Caribbean (French). — Francerama (France step by step). — Web sites and places of France.,23.html — Books shopping (French).

Some links about Haiti (unrelated to Caplife)

We mention these sites only with the intent of sharing information. Of course, the following list is far from exhaustive.

History of Haiti — Seems targeting completeness on important subjects about Haiti. — Some dates in Haitian history. Personal Page.

Sciences, Education — A project of the REHRED (below). — A not for profit Scientific Association. — Association of Engineers and Scientists.


— Réseau Télématique Haïtien pour la Recherche et le Développement (REHRED, not for profit association). (Domain name suspended. nov. 2006.)

Literature, Works about Creole — Haiti-related documentation center. — Selection of books published in Haiti. — Bibliography on Creole.

Directories, Portals

Some general links — To master French.

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