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If I was president - I. The short term

This essay is a message to help the elected politicians construct Haiti. After the 2006 election, once again I asked myself: "If I was president, what would I do to help Haiti?" And I tried to answer that question honestly. Of course many other offices deserve equal attention: "If I was a senator, a deputy, mayor of this or that town, simple citizen, how would I manage to bring Haiti to real existence? And make it meaningful to be an Haitian?"

This text presents my program, named « Feu de tout bois » (turning anything to account), to subdue The Rebellious Island. But we are not in the realm of novels anymore. The goal is to get the setting up of KPL (Kòb Pou Lavi, money to live) in Haiti, a social welfare system owed to the Haitians according to article 22 of the Constitution.

June 2006, 6p., format : A4 (12pt font), unedited.
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Mass in Apnea Major

Mass in Apnea Major Dr Soloman is a physicist. But it's in the social field he hopes to deserve the human kind's gratitude. He is convinced that mathematics, the science of truth par excellence, should allow putting welfare in equations. He even thinks he has discovered the formula of happiness. Wanting to create a society ruled by logic and calculations, he tries carelessly to win over to his cause the other scientists, and the politicians. When he enters an abbey to attend a concert, he never imagines he will find more than that: the correctness of his quest. But will he arrive to convince the Promissioner of the Republic to create his High-Commissariat Against Misery?

In another sphere, Martine, computer scientist and unmarried mother, has another idea of happiness: the love of a woman and a son should greatly contribute to approximate this concept. She feels concerned by such a question because her great love, Andrian Soloman, mysteriously disappeared, almost as the father of her son, Alex.

Messe en Apnée Majeure (Mass in Apnea Major) is a dive into the abysses of loneliness, a pinch of Sci-Fi, and a celebration of love. All of that is served backed up with religious and profane music. The author suggests you to "consume" it with Mozart's music.


FrazMitic, December 2005, 416p, format:14x20, ISBN: 2-915882-03-7, price: 20 € TTC
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Legend of Nangomia's Sesamic Book

Légende du Livre Sésamique de Nangommier L'Île Rebelle (The Rebellious Island) is the first novel published by Charles Edward Caplife. It is a trilogy beginning with the Legend of Nangomia's Sesamic Book (sic). In short, this legend is the story of a "King", and a Sorcerer, and a Book. It takes the reader to the Caribbean, more precisely to Fierté-en-Île, during the Fourth Dynastic Intention. Lemal, well protected by his militia, is preparing to celebrate in "grand gala" the twenty-fifth anniversary of his presidency-for-life. At the same time, the little village of Savane Désolée is facing a disaster; the peasants are wrecked, as an apocalyptic drought has turned their lands into rock beds. During a moonless night, they hold a council, the last for Kataroulo, the Master of the Tales.

That historical meeting winds up with a surprising conclusion: it isn't all over with the Savanians; a book may save them! But to find it, they have to head north, cross the cold Black Mountains, and reach Superbi, the city of the flamboyant-trees, the town of the Connoisseurs. Then begins for the three emissaries, Agorin, Agoconte and Agolone, a long and dangerous tour in the outer world; a quest that will force them to encounter a picturesque city fauna.

More than once they will witness an epic event: between Jolicoeur, the prefect, and Grogra, the militiaman; between the savanna-priest Djokampnell and the diviner Libordjen; between the revolutionary Savals and the proud Superbians; between the journalist Villemenay and the Octogonian donators. How will they extricate themselves from the maze of intrigues concocted by all of these well-trained fighters, and accomplish their mission?


FrazMitic, October 2004, 416p, format:14x21, ISBN: 2-915882-00-2, price: 20 €
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Caplife Dictionary of Haitianisms

An excerpt is appended to The Rebellious Island I.

FrazMitic, October 2004, 26p, format:14x21, in ISBN: 2-915882-00-2

Yet it's good!

This short story, based on the first months of The Rebellious Island's existence, is an account of difficulties a self-edited author might encounter. Behaviors from different sides are caricaturized: publishers, booksellers, journalists, readers, and, of course, the author himself.

January 2005, 3p., format:A4 (12pt font), unedited
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Ongoing work

The Rebellious Island II and III.

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